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We are all very busy these days either working, picking the children up from school, taking them to activities, cooking, the list is endless but unfortunately our time isn't. Visiting the supermarket can be such a hassle with non-busy times being non-existent. The hustle and bustle, pushing and shoving and the so boring queuing can stretch your patience to breaking point. Now we have the opportunity to take a seat after a busy day and buy the shopping online, whether it is food, clothing, household goods or toys most of the big names are getting in on the act. Imagine shopping online and having all your food delivered to your door! Let's take a look at some of the supermarkets and stores that offer this service.

ASDA offers a great service when it comes to shopping online. The site is very comprehensive offering a delivery service for all products that customers buy using the web. Buying groceries online takes the hassle out of shopping, while ASDA endeavour to select the best of produce when making your selections on your behalf.

ASDA also state that if you can find your grocery shopping 10% cheaper anywhere else they will refund the difference. Registering is a simple process all you have to do is check that ASDA deliver in your postcode area and fill in a few details to create an online account to begin shopping. Before you begin to shop book a delivery slot so that you can be sure they can deliver when it is convenient for you. Delivery charges range between £2.50 and £5.50.

Once you start to shop you will see how well the site is laid out for your convenience. All the products have a designated department, aisle and shelf; while paying is simple just click the checkout button and use the payment method of your choice. Your shopping will be delivered to your door at the preferred time slot you booked in advance. That’s it! No queuing, no hassle.

Once you have finished shopping you can save your list in your account.  You can bring up the list the following week. This makes it easier as most of us tend to buy a lot of items on a weekly basis. You can alter or add to your list as required. Online shopping with ASDA is so convenient that once you have experienced it you won’t want to queue again!

Tesco is one of the largest supermarket chains in the UK and offers online shopping to customers for their convenience. What better way to shop for your groceries than from the comfort of your own home plus customers who join the Tesco Home Delivery plan will find it costs very little to take advantage of home delivery to your door.

Tesco offer incentives such as 5p per litre off fuel when you spend £50 or more online plus there are lots of great offers and rewards to take advantage of once you sign up. Once you register you can apply for the Tesco Club Card where you can view all your favourite purchases to make things easier for you.

The process is easy sign up, select a delivery time, shop, go to the checkout then wait for your shopping to arrive. So why shop online at Tesco?

  1. It saves time plus takes the stress out of shopping
  2. Helps budgeting as customers view a running total as they shop
  3. Convenient as you can shop 24/7 online
  4. Customers can send notes to their personal shopper

The Tesco site is well laid out therefore is easy to navigate. It also covers lots of different products, services, facts and information for your convenience.

Sainsbury is a popular supermarket chain that has been on the go for years in fact they were established back in 1869. Now one of the UK’s largest retailers Sainsbury also offer online grocery shopping for their customers. Signing up couldn’t be easier plus once you have checked your area is serviced by filling in the postcode checker you can begin shopping straight away.

Firstly book your delivery slot by clicking the book delivery tab. Costs range from £2.95 to £5.95 depending on the slot you select. Delivery is free for orders over £100. So, let’s start shopping. Select the aisle you wish to browse, for instance Bakery. All the types of products will pop up. Select an item such as a baguette and all the baguettes on offer will appear for you to choose from. Once you know what you want click add and that’s your first item chosen.

If you find that you haven’t the time to complete the shop you can save what you have chosen and go back to it later when you do have time. Paying is simple plus all you have to do once you have paid is take delivery of your items. Sainsbury have a great site that is packed with all kinds of products plus information, offers, gifts, financial products and much more.

Ocado may not be the best known online grocery shopping site but they offer a very comprehensive service for their customers with lots of offers and bargains to be found. Buying Ocado’s delivery pass makes good sense as customers will save money plus be able to have as many deliveries for one price as they like. (£10.99 per month paid in advance)

The first thing that will grab your attention when you bring up the shopping home page is the offer of £10 off your first shop when you register with the Ocado site. This is a great incentive to look further at what’s on offer. All the usual products are listed from fresh foods to frozen and Bakery.

Registering is easy but first you must check that Ocado deliver in your area by filling in the postcode checker. Next fill in the online form to create your account so that you can begin shopping. Each product has so many alternatives that you will be spoiled for choice, which is good. You can keep a record of your favourite products, while signing up for the Smart Pass will

  1. Save 10% off favourite brands
  2. Save on delivery charges
  3. Give priority access to Christmas deliveries
  4. Exclusive offers and products

Ocado has a great online shopping site that customers will love so comes recommended in every aspect.

The Waitrose name is associated with quality and has existed since 1904 when it began as a small business. Waitrose now has a nationwide network of supermarkets plus also offers an online shopping experience that is second to none. Delivery is totally free which is very surprising in this day and age but is an absolute plus when it comes to making the decision as to which online shopping facility to select.

Registering with Waitrose is simple it’s just a matter of filling in a few details and off you go. As you shop you can see a running total which is very handy as that way you will not over spend. The departments are featured in tabs across the top of the page. Just click which section you would like, click on the item and all the different makes of the product will appear in full colour.

You can store your regular order which saves time plus the facility to make individual lists is very handy. Customers can also track their delivery so you know that your order is on its way. Waitrose state that their prices on branded products are the same as Tesco prices. People tend to think that Waitrose prices will be more expensive but this is indeed a myth. If you are considering online grocery shopping why not give Waitrose a visit?

It is unfortunate that Marks and Spencer who are so popular on the high street in terms of their food and drink line does not have a home delivery service for groceries. You can however order certain food and drink items online, pick a store that is convenient for you and collect your prepared order from it.

This isn’t strictly online shopping in the way that other supermarkets offer but the preparation of your order service, that you can conveniently pick up at an agreed time, is a plus as it does still save time. Marks & Spencer does not charge for the order service so why not let one of their experienced shoppers put your order together so you can collect it. After all you will still avoid queuing which is a huge plus.

On special occasions M & S will deliver goods free such as Mother’s day Flowers. Customers can order starters, main courses and sides plus fruit, party food and flowers. Wines are also available to order plus cakes and celebration items can be ready to collect at a time of your choice. The site is easy to browse and registering is very easy making this a great service for customers who need to use their time for more important matters.

The Co-op is a well-established company that was founded in 1844 and has gone from strength to strength ever since. It is regarded as one of the most trustworthy food providers in the UK as it supports ethical trading, has many fair trade products on offer, while customers can join the Co-operative Bank or support one of the many worthy causes they sponsor. Now customers can shop at the Co-op and get their goods delivered making life easier for us all in these busy times.

To qualify for free delivery customers must spend over £25 when shopping, while there are plentiful offers and competitions to enter for your amusement. While this is not strictly online shopping anyone who does not have a car will appreciate being able to have their shopping delivered to the door. You can join the Co-op by signing up online to collect points that are turned into money eventually, while the website is full of interesting information regarding the Co-op and its services.

Supermarket Online Shopping Explained

What is Online Shopping?

Online shopping is where customers log onto a shopping website via their computer in order to buy items.

When did it Begin?

One of the first online shopping facilities came about around 1994

What are the Advantages?

  1. Convenience, as online shopping can be done 24 hours a day 7 days a week
  2. No travelling, queuing, hassle
  3. Goods delivered to the door
  4. Payment made online
  5. Cheaper prices, deals and more offers online
  6. Plenty of variety
  7. Buying gifts is made easy
  8. We tend to spend less as we don’t pop in for a meal or coffee
  9. Comparing prices of different stores and supermarkets is easy
  10. Product reviews available to read before you buy
  11. Customers must rely on the online shopper to pick their items
  12. Some concerns regarding security although less so as time goes on
  13. Privacy issues around customer details
  14. You cannot see physically what you are buying in advance
  15. Delivery charges if any

Are there any Disadvantages?

How do I Shop for Groceries Online?

First, take a look at the various supermarkets on the internet that facilitate online grocery shopping. The main companies are listed in our grid. Decide which supermarket you would like to shop with and then register your details with them. Once you have joined the online shopping site of your choice you

  1. Select a delivery time and date of your choice
  2. Go to the home page and select which department you want to browse
  3. Click on the department, then click on the aisle that has the product you want
  4. Click on the product and select which particular make you want then click add
  5. Keep on perusing the aisles until you have put all the items you want into your basket
  6. Check through the list to make sure you have everything
  7. Once you are finished proceed to the checkout by clicking the checkout tab
  8. Proceed to pay with whichever method you prefer
  9. Save your shopping list for next time you visit the site
  10. Wait for your shopping to be delivered to your door.