Shopping Cart Hero 3

Shopping Cart Hero 3

There may have once been a time when shopping carts were used for actually transporting groceries and life’s essentials around a supermarket and facilitating the transport of these items from the store your vehicle parked in the distance.

These days are behind us apparently, and Shopping Cart Hero 3 is making sure that it stays firmly behind us as well with its simple yet stylish take on the launch game genre. Some games use rockets, others use cars, and some even use toilets, but this one’s got the monopoly on the shopping cart, and you’re going to utilise it to launch yourself as far as you can possibly go with the level of upgrades you have. It’s rare that you find a game so simple with such noticeable style, and developer Monkey Want Banana have ensured that this game has it in spades, with some interesting upgrades to keep you interested until long after your very first launch.

As a player, you barely have to do anything to squeeze enjoyment out of the game. You simply control the cart by pressing the right directional arrow to start pushing the cart and pressing the up arrow at the right time to hop in. From there, you simply have to wait until you’re launched and use the left and right arrows whilst airborne to control the orientation of your cart in the air. The aim is to try and travel as far as possible, performing stunts and generally trying to land safely and not crash violently, leaving a bloody stick man on the floor. A variety of stunts can be performed, from the simple rotating in the air to achieve 360s and beyond, right the way through to more complicated stunts that are performed only when you purchase the upgrades necessary to perform it.

And this is what the game is really all about, which is the upgrading of your shopping cart in a variety of ways to make your performance better and therefore earn you more and more money per round. You can purchase upgrades for a variety of variables on your cart such as the wheels, rocket attachments, afterburners, groupies to pop into the cart and ride along with you, and also items that add to your style points such as helmets, sombreros, and a selection of decorations that raise your style score at the end of each launch. A notable feature is the variety of tricks that you can also purchase, which aren’t performed by arbitrarily pressing a single button, but must be commenced by pressing a combination of buttons like in classic fighting games such as Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. The ability to perform your selection of tricks by manually inputting various button combinations makes this game truly unique in the launch game world.

Looking past the gameplay, there can be nothing but praise for the visual style of the game as well, with some impressive colours and illustrations that are simple yet very distinctive and effective. Shopping Cart Hero 3 also has three different levels for you to play on, and for this reason and those above, is a hugely underrated member of the launch game genre Shopping Cart Hero 4 must surely be in the making from Monkey Want a Banana and although no official news has been released on it's making we suspect it won't be far off.